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Ductile Iron Fittings, Valves & Supplies

Inventory of domestic and import fittings, valves, and pipe.

Ductile Iron  

  • 4”- 8” Ductile Iron 20’  

Ductile Iron Fittings & Valves

  • Domestic fittings 
  • Import fittings 
  • Valves 
  • Saddles & saddle valves


  • GRID
  • LIST
Culvert Pipe & Supplies

Black, grey & galvanized culverts

Black Double Wall Plastic Culvert: 6”-60”
Gray Double Wall Plastic Culvert: 2”-60”  
Galvanized Spiral Culvert: 8”-48”
Sewer & Drain Pipe Supplies

SDR 35 Gasket: 4"-48"
Solvent Weld: 4"-6"
Water Pipe & Supplies

We stock a variety of C900 DR14 Pipe, SDR 21 pipe, waterline insert fittings in PVC, brass, and stainless.
Plumbing & Pipe Fittings

SDR 35: Solvent weld & gasket fittings
Schedule 40: High pressure & DWV fittings
Schedule 40: DWV bell end & plain end
Work & Safety Gear

Protective footwear, apparel, and gear

Trevor Russel

Sr. Account Representative for Contractor Accounts

Short bio here for Trevor. Photo woul show in thumbnail image.
PHONE: 802-635-7282
FAX: 802-635-8927

Tubing. Fittings. Tools. Accessories.

Tubing: Potable & Oxygen Barrier
Fittings: Plastic & Brass
Misc: Tools & Accessories
Heating Accessories

Radiant, Oil, Gas and LP parts and supplies

  • Oil tank & furnace parts 
  • Boiler parts
  • Radiant parts & accessories

Chimney Supplies   Heating Supplies   Water Heaters

Milwaukee Tools

Trade Focused. Professional Grade. Outstanding Performance.

Johnson Hardware & Rental is New Englands largest Authorized Dealer of Milwaukee Tools and stocks the tools and accessories you need. We're also the largest Authorized Milwaukee Warranty Repair Shop on the East Coast. Browse Milwaukee Tool Promotions.